Thursday, 14 March 2013

Episode 64 Missing Scenes

It seems a few scenes escaped my eyes in the last Episode. Thanks for letting me know.

Aynur, Sami, Kuzey at home:

Kuzey asks why he wasn't told about the health problem Sami Bey had. They answer: it wasn't anything serious, they didn't want him to be worried.

Güney, Banu, Ebru having breakfast:

Güney acts like he's so happy about the surprise they made last night. Ebru Hanım is glad to hear that. But she has bad news, she's told that SNCG assigned Melda Hanım on a different operation in a different country, which is a strategic decision.

I think that was all the scenes missing? I'll add these in the subtitle later on today. If there's more, please let me know which scene and where :)

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