Friday, 25 January 2013

About Removed Youtube Videos

Hello friends,

Whenever something unexpected and disappointing happens in this blog or in our forum, please remember our motto "Do Not Panic!"

That being said, thanks to your comments I'm now aware of the issue, that it seems Kanal D made a copyright claim to the videos we've been sharing in our blog and they got the videos removed. Which was expected. After all, what I was doing, which is uploading their videos with my subtitles on them, was not completely legal. But I did it anyway, since embedded videos was the only way for some of you guys to watch the show in English.

But luckily it isn't the only way. If you go to "How to Watch" page in our blog, you will see a "second method" that you can use to watch the episodes. This method requires a little more than just pressing the "play button". But it is not hard if you follow the instructions.

Good luck!

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